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Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt

  • Mineral-rich flaky sea salt in a resealable pouch for freshness and convenience
  • Wind and sun-dried all-natural process in New Zealand
  • Healthiest sea salt on the market, containing 84 natural minerals and trace elements
  • Free from microplastics and other common water pollutants
  • Natural sea salt is additive-free and not chemically treated



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Premium Sea Salt

Coming straight to your table from the pollution-free New Zealand ocean, this mineral-rich pure non-iodized sea salt will be your reliable source for healthy, natural salt that outperforms your average table salt option found in stores. With over 80 minerals and trace elements from the sea, this New Zealand sea salt is the healthiest and most natural option for adding flavor to your food without compromising the natural nutritional profile that is often lost in salt that has been chemically treated.

Sustainably Harvested

Balance PH

No Additives

Sustainably Harvested

TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt pouches come from salt marshes, as do many natural salt options. Seawater is directed into a collection basin where it evaporates over time and the remaining salt crystals are collected and packaged. The goal is to produce the healthiest sea salt while also being respectful of the New Zealand ecosystem.

Balance your pH

Flaky sea salt will help balance the body’s pH levels without overdoing it. Unlike refined table salt, our sea salt uses its natural minerals and nutrients to nourish the body while delivering a lightweight flavor to food as it works.

No Additives

Free from chemicals including bleach, non-caking agents, and iodization, this is your natural, healthy source for sea salt that contains only natural trace minerals that come from the New Zealand seawater. Best value for a healthy body while also providing delicious flavor to any dish.

Healthiest Salt Available

Unlike refined salt, this mineral-rich flaky sea salt pouch contains all of its natural minerals that are typically lost during the refining process. This includes 84 minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. All of these help keep the body’s natural pH level in a healthy range through electrolyte balance.


100% Natural Ocean Sea Salt

How to Use

For use in place of traditional sea salt. You can use this to cook and season your food on a daily basis. In large, soft flakes, this can be broken up between your fingers without the need for a grinder. A delicious way to add extra nutrients to everyday recipes, this pouch of natural sea salt is a healthy and sustainable way to upgrade every meal.

Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt



TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt

  • What is unique about TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt?

    TURNER non-iodized, mineral-rich sea salt belongs to the natural salts and is therefore not a conventional table salt. It is free of any chemical additives or anti-caking agents; TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt contains minerals and trace elements as they occur naturally. Due to the delicate consistency of the sea salt flakes, you can grind them with your fingertips and sprinkle them easily over your food. The taste is exceptionally mild and harmonious, and it unobtrusively emphasizes the inherent flavor of the food, which is why it is a favorite among adults and children.

  • In what form is TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt available?

    We offer TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt in both a practical bag for everyday cooking at home (210 grams) and in a small practical jar (25 grams) to take along in your handbag because we want to make it possible for our customers to season their food with a guaranteed natural salt even when they visit a restaurant.

  • Why is it so important to supply the body with salt?

    Salt is vital to humans because it maintains bodily functions. Since the body cannot produce it, we need to consume salt in specific amounts. It ensures that our body is supplied with nutrients and regulates our entire water balance and metabolism. Salt also transmits nerve impulses and is vital for the heart, bones, and muscles. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that the salt you consume has not been denatured beforehand because we think that it makes sense to supply the body with salt in its original and natural form.

  • What is the difference between conventional salt and natural salt?

    Conventional salt, such as table salt, undergoes a chemical refining process. Almost all elements that are important for the body, such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc., are filtered out. As a result, only two elements, sodium, and chloride, now make up supermarket-grade table salt after a refining process, which is also known as sodium chloride. Refined salt, unlike a natural salt such as sea salt, lacks valuable minerals and trace elements. Natural salt or primal salt, on the other hand, is left in its natural, original form.

  • How is TURNER Mineral-Rich Flaky Sea Salt obtained?

    For centuries, sea salt has been extracted in the same way through salt marshes. The fundamental prerequisite for salt extraction in a salt garden is the presence of unique climatic factors. For sea salt extraction, seawater is directed into shallow collection basins, evaporating over time under the influence of solar heat, drought, and wind. The salt crystals eventually settle at the bottom of the collection basin and can then be harvested.

  • What is the advantage of New Zealand sea salt?

    New Zealand is the perfect place that meets all the requirements for good, natural sea salt. The climatic conditions, i.e., plenty of sunshine, warm winds, and clean, clear seawater, naturally support sea salt production on the east coast of New Zealand. Unlike other salt flats around the globe, there are strong ocean currents off the east coast of New Zealand that bring clean, clear seawater from the Antarctic regions, sweeping through the deep clear waters of New Zealand and guaranteeing the clean, excellent quality of TURNER sea salt.

  • Does sea salt need a best before date?

    In its purest form, sea salt is a composition of minerals, i.e., an inorganic compound, and therefore has an unlimited shelf life. Therefore, a best-before date is not mandatory on a package unless herbs or spices have been added to the sea salt. However, in order not to unsettle our customers, we nevertheless indicate a best-before date.

  • Is it normal for sea salt to sometimes be moist?

    It is pretty standard for sea salt to contain residual moisture, sometimes as much as 10%. So it is expected that there may be variations in the consistency and color of natural products. If the sea salt is too moist for the salt mill, and to prevent the mill from sticking, you can leave the salt open in a bowl for some time to dry out.