What Makes Marine Fish Bone Calcium The Best?

What Makes Marine Fish Bone Calcium The Best? - TURNER New Zealand

You all might already know how important calcium is for our health, especially for our bones and teeth. For maintaining strong bones with optimum mineral density, teeth with tough enamel, and proper functioning muscles and nerves, we need an adequate amount of calcium in our bodies.


Now, there are ample dietary sources rich in calcium, and including them appropriately in your diet will be ideal. Let me remind you, for a proper balance of calcium in the body, we need an adequate balance of several other nutrients like vitamin D, K, and magnesium as well.


Many times, our diet alone is not able to provide us with the required amount of calcium and then, the best we can do is to include a good, all-natural calcium supplement into our diet to keep us going.


With hundred types of calcium supplements around, you would probably be wondering which one to go for, aren’t you? We have got you! In this article, let’s look at the marine calcium supplements made from marine fish bones, which is considered the best calcium supplement. Why? Let’s see.


Why is the marine fish bone calcium supplement superior?

One of the most important aspects of a nutrient is its bioavailability. It’s the available amount of the ingested nutrient inside the body. Fish bone calcium supplements prove to have the most bioavailable form of calcium, as it has the right amount of calcium and phosphorus in them.  The 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio is perfect for forming hydroxyapatite, a highly bioavailable kind of calcium. Microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHC) is absorbed swiftly in our bodies.


Apart from that, marine fish bone calcium supplements also have natural minerals, proteins, and glycosaminoglycans, all of which can assist in the integration of calcium into the bone structure.  These supplements have naturally occurring high levels of calcium (25.14%), phosphorus (12.75%), and marine collagen (14.2%) as well.


What else to look for in a calcium supplement?

As said earlier, proper absorption and assimilation of calcium in our body require the proper balance of some other nutrients too. No matter how much calcium you consume, if you don’t have adequate vitamin D, you won’t be absorbing any of it.


Once we get ample amounts of calcium supplied into our body, is that enough? Nope! Directing it to the proper locations is also very important, or else it might end up in places like soft tissues of heart muscles which is the last place you want calcium to get deposited on. Here comes the role of vitamin K especially K2 which efficiently assimilates the calcium into our bones and teeth.


 This is because it activates osteocalcin that draws in calcium towards bones and what’s more? It also activates Matrix GLA, which clears the calcium off all the soft tissues. Magnesium is another mineral that helps the absorption of calcium from the blood and soft tissues and eventually directs it into the bones. So, look for an MCHC supplement with vitamin D, K, and magnesium included in it.


How will calcium supplements benefit you?

1. If you aren’t including an adequate amount of calcium in your diet, your body will draw out calcium from your bones and teeth for other functions like nerve activity and muscle contraction. This will cause a loss of mineral density that leads to osteoporosis. Post-menopausal women are especially at high risk of it. So, proper supplementation will ensure your calcium balance.


      2. MCHC supplement helps to lose unwanted weight. In a study of obese students with calcium deficiency, it was observed that those with 600 mg calcium supplementation, lost more body fat compared to others.
      Calcium is important for producing nerve signals and the proper functioning of muscles.


        3. It helps to toughen the outermost layer of the teeth called the enamel, which ensures good dental health.


          4. It helps with proper blood coagulation and regulates the heartbeat too.


            5. A normal amount of calcium is essential for hormone balance including hormones like estrogen and testosterone.


              That's all. So, get your calcium, and as far as possible, get it from a well-balanced diet that has other essential nutrients like vitamin D, K and magnesium as well. And remember, take the supplements according to your daily requirements only, excess of it will do more harm than good. If you have any questions, comment below!