Health Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs

Health Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs - TURNER New Zealand

Most people think of supplements as being great for humans but stop there.  When needed, our furry family members immediately get whatever the vet recommends without a second thought.  But what if they could benefit from a health supplement rather than just whatever medication most people jump to?  What if they could improve their quality of life just like it does for humans?

Top health benefits of green-lipped Mussel for dogs

Sometimes you’ll see some health supplements for pets, but you won’t actually know what’s in them.  Since you are a responsible pet parent, that’s not good enough. Before you think about giving your pet something that is supposed to help them, you’d want to know what it is and how it helps, right?  Exactly.  Here’s the deal with a green-lipped mussel supplement.

The main thing to know about it is this simple fact: it works as effectively for pets as it does for humans.  While there will be a difference in dosage (more on that a bit later), the actual noticeable effects will be the same in animals as humans because the needs line up so smoothly.

The potent properties of green-lipped mussel oil

Green-lipped mussel oil

First and foremost, most of the power for this oil comes from its ability to help healthily manage inflammation.  Fish oil often gets the reputation for having the best potential, but this is incorrect!  Why?  Two main reasons:

  • ETA: Fish oil has two types of omega-3s, which are DHA and EPA. These are both great, sure, but there’s a missing one called ETA.  ETA is thought to be a dedicated agent for inflammation management because of its ability to reach it right at its source instead of simply treating the after-effects. 
  • Overall potency: The overall potency of omega-3s in a green lipped oil supplement will be stronger than fish oil because it has more in it. To achieve the same potency, you would need 53x the active ingredients found in other sources. That’s either going to be one large capsule, or it’s going to be a cheap dosage for your pet. 

The other feature is that, when sourced from New Zealand, you’ll be able to enjoy wild-harvested green-lipped mussels that are going to give you the natural strength that no farmed option could ever offer you.  Also, since they feed on supercharged food themselves, the oil extracted from these mussels will be at its most potent for use in dietary supplements.

How will green-lipped mussel oil work for dogs?

Green Lipped Mussel Oil for Dogs

That all sounds great, but what does it actually mean for your animals as far as noticeable changes in their health and quality of life?  Take a look at the details that you and your furry friend are going to care about.


Can help manage skin concerns

Certain dog and cat breeds are going to struggle with skin issues. When the topical products or the specialized diets just aren’t cutting it, get on top of things with seeing the difference that green-lipped mussel oil for dogs is going to make.

Since it supports inflammation management, this includes those inflammatory skin conditions that will cause dryness, redness, and flaking.  Your pet’s skin and fur will look better than ever and feel a whole lot better too.  It may even help you skip the antibiotic treatment the next time you take them to the groomer or the vet!


Helps manage dysplasia or arthritis symptoms

If you’ve got a large dog with hip or elbow dysplasia, or a senior feline with arthritis, these help manage inflammation in the joints, too. You’ll notice this best in the way that they suddenly can jump up on the couch again or get up from their bed without straining.

When used preventatively, it can offer a lot of comfort to cats and dogs, too.  Since certain breeds will be more likely than others to deal with joint issues, adding the proper supplementation to their diets can help offer comfort before it’s necessarily needed.


Helps address symptoms at their source rather than masking

This is an essential distinguishing factor in understanding the true potential of the right products. When you give your dog or cat something to “help,” you expect it to actually help.  A lot of products just mask the symptoms and distract the body.  Green-lipped mussel oil helps manage the effects, but it also addresses symptoms at their source too.  This all means better relief for your pet!


No fishy burps

If you’ve ever made the mistake of giving your cat tuna or your dog food or treat type loaded with fish oil, you soon see just why so many pet owners recommend against it. When looking at other types of omega-3s, you’ll notice they cause fishy burps and toots that will force you to open a window (or 4).  Sine this is fish-free, your pet will enjoy the benefit without the side effect.  Perfect for them and you.


    Small pills that are easy to add in

    One last benefit is that the green-lipped mussel supplement itself is much smaller than any of the fish oil equivalents. Since our animals have a frustrating tendency to sniff out a pill from a mile away, this tiny size makes it much easier!


    A reminder on dosages

    Since a classic housecat will be 10-15 pounds at the most, and a large Saint Bernard is anywhere upwards of 150 pounds, you’ll want to check with your vet or another animal specialist about dosages!  They’re also great people to talk to, as well, when it comes to a “medical” understanding of just how truly great a green-lipped mussel oil for dogs is going to be!

    Our pets deserve the same quality of care that we get, and a massive part of learning how to care for them attentively is seeing just what similarities are like in their needs and ours.  While often sold exclusively as an anti-aging option, omega-3s can help improve your dog or cat’s overall quality of life the same way that it’s helped humans for all of the same reasons!