Are Collagen Peptides Good for Your Bones?

Are Collagen Peptides Good for Your Bones? - TURNER New Zealand

Collagen peptides are useful additions to your daily diet when looking at helping you look and feel younger.  This is widely accepted for those interested in cosmetics and youthful, glowing skin.  But it goes a lot further than that, too.  Age and a modern diet often leave our bones in a lurch, and it can create bone-related health issues.  Collagen peptides, it turns out, are excellent choices for those, too.  Here’s what you need to know.


What’s in collagen peptides, anyway?

If your mind automatically goes to collagen for skin health and strong nails, you aren’t alone.  Collagen is an excellent choice for that, as you’ll learn.  But New Zealand collagen peptides  go well beyond that and can be great choices for the entire body.  Collagen peptides are loaded with the following:

  • Collagen
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium

These are hard-working peptides, and while they are a great beauty and anti-aging product, they’re also going to have positive effects on your joints and, in addition, your bones.  There’s a lot more than what first meets the eye, that’s for sure!


How does that impact bone health?

The best way to understand it is to take a look at bone make-up.  Most think of calcium when they think of bones.  This is correct.  But, collagen is as much a part of your bone and calcium is.  You can take in all of the calcium you want, and you’ll still be only be taking care of half the equation.  You need to supplement collagen along with calcium to keep your bones strong and dense.


One of the best ways to understand this is through bone mineral density (BMD).  This is, as the name suggests, the strength of your bones themselves.  The lower your BMD, the more likely you are to deal with a fracture.  When you supplement collagen and calcium, you help increase your natural BMD level, which is crucial, especially as you age and collagen naturally depletes.


Type I collagen is the main kind for bone strength.  It helps strengthen the bone itself but also helps your bones keep their natural flexibility.  In other words, you won’t be dealing with brittle bones.  In combination with solid bones, the more natural flexibility you have will help protect you from fractures.


Bone density matters

Bone density is one of the most critical focus points that you can consider regarding the aging process.  No matter how careful we are, bone density loss is typical and expected with age.  That’s why physicians and other specialists are so quick to recommend dietary supplements.

The risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis increases as we age, and working preventatively is a key to keeping your body as strong as possible.  Recent studies suggest that supplementing collagen is especially helpful in post-menopausal women, where risks for both of these conditions are higher [1].

Collagen Peptide benefits infographics

Top ways to notice health improvements with collagen peptides

So, what is it going to feel like when you take the best collagen peptides capsules as a regular part of your daily diet?  Here are some pointers.


  • Your bones feel sturdier: Sounds weird, but it’s true! When you are going up, and down the stairs or just simply walking your grocery cart back to the corral, you’ll notice that your bones will see the impact as much—no more feeling as though you are rattling around like a bag full of bones.


  • Your joints work better: Since collagen also has a significant impact on your joints, it means that you’ll notice differences in your joints too. Less stiffness, management of pain and inflammation, etc.  Whether it’s that lousy knee or that weak wrist, collagen can help protect joint health.


  • Physical exercise doesn’t feel so impossible: It’s impressive just how much easier it’s going to be to fit that workout in when your body feels strong and, well, reliable. It is going to help you stay active, but this increase in activity will also help you strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints in the best type of positive cycle.


  • Your body feels better: A strong body is going to feel like a million bucks. Collagen plays such an integral role in essential body processes that regularly adding the best collagen peptides capsules will help you feel strong, healthy, and just better overall.


What else can collagen peptides do?

Outside of your bones, joints, and muscles, there is still more waiting for you in New Zealand collagen peptides. In some ways, this really is the dietary supplement that keeps on giving. 


  • External and internal anti-aging benefits: Premature aging is often caused by vitamin deficiency. On both the outside and inside, fight common aging symptoms for a stronger and younger self.


  • Beauty product: Of course, you already know that collagen is going to be your primary go-to product when it comes to helping reduce fine lines, firm up your skin, grow long, glossy hair, and even enjoy better nail health.


  • Immunity boost: If you remember, collagen peptides are high in Vitamin C. This helps with your immunity, which will also weaken with age and regular day-to-day life.  Since we live with the potential risk of COVID-19, there has never been a better time to boost immunity.


Even if you are looking at collagen more for its beauty and cosmetic effects, it is a wonderful support to seriously consider for everything from your bones to your skin to your immune system.  With all of this, the real question becomes: is there any reason why this isn’t going to be an excellent choice for your diet?


From one detail to the next, collagen peptides will be a helpful addition to your diet when looking for a way to make sure that you can keep your body looking great and feeling better.  It’ll help you enjoy a strong, solid base that has the nutrients it needs to keep you up and going more quickly.